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Bring on the joy to your love ones with this perfect gift

I came home today with a surprise at my door.

My birthday ain't till next week (just a few days after Christmas) but this is the perfect present!

I received a tote bag and on it is my FAVOURITE dinosaur Rexy, the Coach mascot. It matches the Rexy blue jumper I bought last year... hehe!

Coach Rexy Tote 42

More fun than ferocious, Rexy is at the front and center on this spacious canvas tote, crafted in durable canvas with leather details - It is stylish and every day appropriate! Coach Rexy Tote 42 comes in 2 colours: Black/Blue & Green/Camo.

Retailing at only USD195 (RM1,150), the bag is available online and Coach in-store near you.

This is the perfect and affordable present for your loved ones!


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