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Nike Air VaporMax Evo 2021

Whether as a single unit or a standalone outsole, Nike Air is a platform in constant evolution. This spirit of progress is celebrated in the respective design of the three key silhouettes of the Air Max spring 2021 collection: the Air Max 2090 EOI, the Air Max Viva and the VaporMax Evo.

But I've decided to go for the VaporMax Evo in Wolf Grey. Let‘s take a closer look to this Nike Air VaporMax Evo shall we.

Everything To The Max

Taking elements from generations of Air Max, including the 90, 93, 96, Air Max Plus, Tuned 99, Solas and 180+, the Evo merges history with innovation and lets you bring the best of the past into the present.

The Future Maximised

Harnessing the power of Air, the VaporMax sole lets you feel like you're riding on air. With unbelievably responsive cushioning, it's comfort and head-turning style all wrapped into 1.

Now, unboxing time...

The VaporMax Evo is a bolder exploration of VaporMax style, but at a closer look, the silhouette creatively fuses details inspired by classic models like the Air Max 90, Air Max 93 and the Air Max Plus. Inside the box is an accordion-style booklet describing the lineage of the shoes that inspire the colorways, the Evolution of Air Max logos and more. Pretty cool!

One More Thing...

The Air Max Day Worldwide will be happening this Friday (March 26) with an immersive virtual experience planned out. So, go ahead and register yourself here.

And if you wanna check out what else is in store, you can have a look here.

Happy Air Max Day everyone!

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