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Travelling in group? Check out these tips!

Let’s face it, group travel planning can be quite a stressful and time-consuming experience, even for seasoned travellers. Having to juggle the different itineraries with so many people to please can make travel planning for a group rather taxing.

However, group trips can also become one of the best experiences if planned properly. They can become one of the most amazing times of our lives, where we bond with our travel companions- creative memories to reminisce about for years to come. 

A regional survey, commissioned by Beringer Vineyards in 2017, found that 96 percent of us agree that holiday planning is much more enjoyable when it’s done with a group over a glass of wine to share the responsibilities.

So it’s time to gather your favourite travel buddies to plan your next adventure over a glass of Beringer wine. To get you started, we asked Beringer and expert travel planner, Levy Li to share their best travel tips.

1. Mark down long weekends in advance

Malaysia is well-known as a country with one of the most number of public holidays a

year. More public holidays means more long weekends. So instead of staying home and lazing around during those long breaks, make full use of it by planning your next getaway. Long weekends are perfect for short getaways but taking some annual leave in addition to that will allow you to have a longer getaway.

2. Choose your travel companions and lock them down!

One of the most important steps to successful group travel planning is choosing your group. With busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, it can be difficult to get all your best friends together to lock down their dates. To avoid these challenges, notify your friends at least two months in advance about the upcoming travel plans so that everyone can align their schedules and start working collectively to prepare for your adventure together!

3. Where? What? How?

This is where the travel planning gets real. Where to go, what attractions to visit, how to travel are some of the key plans to figure out as a group. So why not make an enjoyable occasion out of it by gathering at someone’s house for dinner, or hit a restaurant that isn’t too loud, open a fresh bottle of Beringer wine and let the brainstorming begin! 

Together as a group, start identifying possible attractions, restaurants, bars, or even spas. When you’ve reached your destination there should be at least one activity selected by each person based on their preferences or interests, from night markets for bargain hunters to hipster cafes for the Instagrammer.

4. Create an itinerary that outlines your entire trip

Half of the experience is the anticipation, so don’t overlook this precious time - dream big together and come up with an amazing itinerary. You’ll want to have a detailed itinerary that outlines everything from transport and accommodation to the nitty gritty's of IG-worthy locations and the best local food.


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