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Passing On The Gift Of Writing: Montblanc for UNICEF Collection Unveiled in Kuala Lumpur

Film director and actor Bront Palarae, actress Sazzy Falak, TV producer Desmond Tey, and music composer, violinist Uriah See joined the UNICEF Malaysia Deputy Representative and UNICEF Malaysia Senior Social Policy Specialist Dr. Amjad Rabi and Montblanc South East Asia Managing Director Anouar Guerraoui at the unveiling of Montblanc for UNICEF collection in Kuala Lumpur

The new launch of the Montblanc for UNICEF collection was unveiled at the Montblanc Suria KLCC boutique to celebrate a new chapter of Montblanc’s partnership with UNICEF that has helped thousands of children find their way to a quality education, and a brighter future.

Rooted in the culture of writing, it’s Montblanc’s belief that the written word is a precious gift and a key pillar of education that should be bestowed by everyone.

Reminiscing childhood memories and the journey of discovery writing, guests were invited to leave their mark on the guest book upon arrival and have their pictures taken against a blackboard photo wall decorated with children’s drawing to immortalize the evening celebrating education.

Actress Sazzy Falak, also the emcee for the night, signing the guestbook

Designed around the idea that writing is a precious gift that should be passed it on, the event was joined by an exclusive circle of special guests who embrace the culture of writing in their life as well as in their respective profession to further exude the campaign’s key message.

Montblanc Malaysia General Manager Grace Lim and Montblanc South East Asia Managing Director Anouar Guerraoui

Montblanc Malaysia General Manager Grace Lim and Montblanc South East Asia Managing Director Anouar Guerraoui

Spotted at the event including Actress Sazzy Falak, Film Director/Actor Bront Palarae and TV Producer Desmond Tey joined the Montblanc South East Asia Managing Director Anouar Guerraoui and UNICEF Malaysia’s Deputy Representative and Senior Social Policy Specialist Dr. Amjad Rabi to show support for a global initiative that aims to improve learning for over 5 million children through quality learning materials and better teaching.

The blue-ribbon guests also took on the stage to share their memorable moments and reaffirms on the importance of writing to further emphasize on the concept of passing on the precious gift of writing.

Film director and actor Bront Palarae shared his memorable moments and reaffirmed on the importance of writing

Inside the boutique, the collection which consists of writing instruments, leather goods, watches and jewellery were on display. Among the pieces in the collection, the Meisterstück, Writing is a Gift Edition is an original twist on Montblanc’s iconic writing instrument with its alphabet-inspired design to celebrate the preciousness of writing as a force for good. Contemporary large and small leather goods feature blue lining with the first characters of six different languages learned by children all over the world, the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum with worldtime complication as a symbolic references to Montblanc’s global presence as well as jewellery with blue sapphire to celebrate the bond between Montblanc and UNCEF were highlighted at the main showcase.

Following the introduction of the collection, guests were invited to take part in the “Gift of Writing Journey” charity drive by complementing the world map with a written card of the ambition they wish to pass it on to accomplish the children’s dreams. Every 30 cards collected by Montblanc Malaysia on that night were being converted into the contribution of a “School-in-a-Box” to UNICEF Malaysia. The “School-in-a-Box” is a portable case equipped with education tools and materials that is able to supply a teacher and up to 40 students to start up a class.

To further spread the awareness of “Writing opens up the world. Pass on this precious gift.” guest were also invited to join the social media initiative by sharing their photos with a dedicated hashtags designed for the event. Every unique account post accredited were being transformed into a donation supported by Montblanc Malaysia. A total of RM10,000 funds were successfully channelled to UNICEF Malaysia on that night.

Having the goal in mind of giving more people the precious gift of writing and opening a world of endless possibilities, the evening saw the guests whole-heartedly engaged with the philanthropic activities catered for a good cause.

For more information on the collection, check out Montblanc Official Website

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