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My Top 3 Favourite of Esquire Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Men 2015

Tonight, Esquire Malaysia will be crowning the 5th Edition of Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Men. It has been 2 years since I joined this Best Dressed Real Men alumni (as the Assoc. Fashion Editor at Esquire Malaysia, Ian Loh now has named us - the past years best dressed men).

For me, for one to become a best dressed man, he needs to not only abide by the rules of dressing up, but to be creative and knows how to break it and wear a style or two that he can truly call his. With 9 finalists, these guys made my top 3. These are some real creative peeps:

Joshua Fitton is of Tempatan Black, whom debuted his collection at KL Fashion Week recently. And he is so well dressed for an architect - oh yeah!

Idris Khan - like c'mon - he's one tall gorgeous model who looks good in anything! I once bumped into him during a Sunday brunch wearing shorts & white tee, and still looked great!

And lastly Gary Wong. He's always around in all fashionable events looking awesome like a K-Pop celebrity.

So there you go! My favourite 3. All the best for the finale tonight guys!

Update: Joshua Fitton is the winner for Esquire Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Man 2015; whilst Idris Khan won Online Voter's Choice Award. Congratulations!

Watch the event highlights below:

Photo: as appeared in Esquire Malaysia December 2015

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