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My Top 3 Favourite of Esquire Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Men 2015

Esquire Malaysia Best Dressed Real Man 2015

Tonight, Esquire Malaysia will be crowning the 5th Edition of Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Men. It has been 2 years since I joined this Best Dressed Real Men alumni (as the Assoc. Fashion Editor at Esquire Malaysia, Ian Loh now has named us - the past years best dressed men).

For me, for one to become a best dressed man, he needs to not only abide by the rules of dressing up, but to be creative and knows how to break it and wear a style or two that he can truly call his. With 9 finalists, these guys made my top 3. These are some real creative peeps:

Joshua Fitton is of Tempatan Black, whom debuted his collection at KL Fashion Week recently. And he is so well dressed for an architect - oh yeah!

Idris Khan - like c'mon - he's one tall gorgeous model who looks good in anything! I once bumped into him during a Sunday brunch wearing shorts & white tee, and still looked great!

And lastly Gary Wong. He's always around in all fashionable events looking awesome like a K-Pop celebrity.

So there you go! My favourite 3. All the best for the finale tonight guys!

Update: Joshua Fitton is the winner for Esquire Malaysia's Best Dressed Real Man 2015; whilst Idris Khan won Online Voter's Choice Award. Congratulations!

Watch the event highlights below:

Photo: as appeared in Esquire Malaysia December 2015

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