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Moto Guo Fall Winter 17/18 at Armani Theater

Giorgio Armani seen backstage with models wearing Moto Guo FW 17/18 collection.

Yesterday, our designer Moto Guo was the first to unveil his collection at the Armani theater for the Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017, sharing the runway with Yoshio Kubo and Consistence. Giorgio Armani is known for his recent tradition of inviting up-and-coming designers to preview their collections in his theater.

I was at the Armani Theater last season - and I was SO in love with the venue. Everything was so sleek, modern, minimalist - that shouts Armani. So, when a Malaysian designer such as Moto Guo who's been known for this boyish-fun-bizzare collection reveal his latest collection, it sets a huge contrast to the setting, and attracts everyone to focus on what Moto Guo has to offer this time around.

Have a look yourself.

Or if you prefer, check out the full collection piece by piece at Esquire Malaysia here.

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