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MB 01: Montblanc's First Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I have more than a few pairs of noise-cancelling headphones at home, but this sexy pair of Montblanc MB 01 top it all off.

Montblanc, the pioneer in writing instruments, luxury tech and leather goods has launched its first noise-cancelling headphones this year. While most premium noise-canceling headphones are vanity products, MB 01 is at the top of its game. Of course, you can find great headphones at much cheaper price but Montblanc MB 01 is like the Rolls Royce.

I love how the larger than usual ear cups fully cover my ears and how the aluminium earphones are light as a quill. Whilst the headband is so very much cushioned that it's great to tune in to the earphones with a cap on, and light enough that it doesn't burden my head.

Alex Rosson, the sound expert lend a hand in building great sound for MB 01. And designers at Montblanc obviously have obviously invested a decent measure of effort in making this headphones look amazingly good as well. You get smooth metal and leather build with an excellent famous emblem clearly seen from both sides. The MB 01 are just as beautiful as RM2,650 headphones ought to be, yet the price ignored to any individual who can afford them to look stylish at the cafe or when travelling.

All buttons are physical which is very classy and can beat all those touch-control buttons, that let you easily turn noise canceling on or off, pull up Google Assistant (when connected to an Android phone), or change the volume. And the best one is hidden at the centre of the right ear cup - the Play/Pause button.

Fully charged battery can last for 20 hours, not amazing, but it is fine. In fact, the USB-C fast charging makes up to it.

Comfortable, stylish, whisper-quiet, and fantastic sounding, the MB 01 is not just a good pair of premium noise-canceling headphones, it is luxurious.

The new Montblanc MB 01 is now available at Montblanc boutique near you, comes in three combination colours, black leather with chrome finishing, brown leather with gold finished metal, and light grey with polished metal finish, each priced at RM2,650 in Malaysia. It comes with a with a fine fabric pouch, a USB-C charging cable, audio jack cable and an airplane adapter.

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