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Menswear Collection at KL Fashion Week RTW 2016: Day 4 - Zakwan Anuar

Frankly, I'm not quite sure how to describe Zakwan Anuar's latest collection presented at the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear 2016, but if you are selling me some red, black and white - I'm buying! There's a sense of minimalism, but with lots of strips and straps - At times, he is showing us some sporty looks, and occasionally some pleats too.

Ah, why don't we just take a look at them:

Click to enlarge:

Note: All images and part of the image contents are rights reserved. You can use it but please do credit / Andre Amir and the designer of the collection accordingly when posting on your social media. Thank you.

Check out the men's collection at KL Fashion Week 2016 here.

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