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Menswear Collection at KL Fashion Week RTW 2016: Day 2 - Tarik Jeans by Jiman Casablancas

To Jiman: I am so proud of you!

Jiman Casablancas' presence in the fashion industry in Malaysia has been for years now, working as a PR and a frequent contributor to various Malaysian fashion magazines. And last night, he left his first footprint on the runway of KL Fashion Week RTW 2016 as the Creative Director for Tarik Jeans. The outcome - Ah-may-zing! The looks truly reflect what Jiman has always been known for - his distinctive image of punk rock.

The collection, entitled 'Anak Liar' or 'Wild Child' is a homage to the Malaysian 'rock kapak' era when 'hair bands' ruled the charts and the country's airwaves. Led by the legendary bands like Search, Wings and Lefthanded in the 80s, came many other bands like XPDC, Olan, Bloodshed, Iklim and many more whom the young generation wouldn't even know about.

Kapak or 'axe' could possibly be attributed to the Malay proverb 'Ambil kapak belahlah dada' which means, 'if you want to know what's in my heart, take an axe and cut my chest open' referring to its mostly melancholy lyrics in that era. Rock kapak came with an unmistakable image and style. Grotesque to some, one must admit that the impact created serves to further pique the curiosity it arouses. The jeans are tighter, the hair was bigger and teased to voluminous height, accessorise are piled up, and for the more daring, a subtle touch of make-up. Indeed it was a period of fashion maximalism and true allegiance to PVCs, leather, lace and concert tour T-shirts.

Jiman also puts it that this collection is inspired by the legendary Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Jack Kerouac, skateboard culture and hypermarkets.

Tarik Jeans: Anak Liar Vol. II by Jiman Casablancas

Next up: Menswear Collection on Day 2, The Comoddity. Stay tuned!

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