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Menswear Collection at KL Fashion Week RTW 2016: Day 1 - Zery Zamry & Nasty Inc.

I missed the first show for Day 2 updating my blog, but no biggie. I think today's menswear highlight will be Commodity and Tarik Jeans by Jiman Casablancas. Stay tuned for that one later. For now, here is Part 2 of Day 1 at KL Fashion Week RTW 2016.

Hipster by Zery Zamry

Zery Zamry started his men's collection, branded as Hipster by Zery Zamry in 2013. Now, the brand has expanded to both men & women street wear collection. Speaking to him after the show, Zery said, "I wanted to focus on the 'fun' of Spring Summer, by injecting the urban glam and sporty looks in leopard prints, shining metallics and bright coloured neons in this collection entitled 'Hipster Fairytale'." I guess that sums up the looks you see here:

Nasty Inc.

I didn't get to speak to these peeps after the show but all around it was showing their signature monotone streetwear looks with good styling. At one point, one of the model was portraying a 'rich bad boy' (or was rich thief) throwing MYR100 fake bills to the audience! Was hoping it to be my lunch money after the show.. lol!

This post is Part 2 of Day 1.

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