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Menswear Collection at KL Fashion Week RTW 2016: Day 1 - MEGKL & Maatin Shakir

Kuala Lumpur's biggest annual fashion event has officially begun. It will be crazy fun few days. Like, as I'm typing this, whilst having breakfast at JW Marriott Hotel, just opposite the main venue KLFWRTW2016 (That stands for Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear 2016) and will be rushing to get ready for today's first show for Day 2, starting in just 2 hours. So, for now, pardon me for any typing mistakes and I'll do the proof-editing as I go along.


Yesterday, the menswear designers dominated the Opening Session at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week RTW 2016. MEGKL kicked off the runway with "Deepsy: Meg Vol. 0.5" for his SS17 collection, presenting clean and modern collection inspired by the deep sea. As Meg said it, "I'm concentrating on my quality of workmanship and detailing, in producing a higher quality street wear."


Maatin Shakir was up next with 'Bohemian Rock' collection. Always believing that we shouldn't be so uptight in fashion, he chose to reflect that freedom: "I grew up listening to rock music and was a lil' bit rebellious. Inspired by musicians like Florence Welch, Led Zeppelin, Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler, this collection expresses my disappointment to how the world is today. I encourage the public to experience peace and freedom through these pieces," says Maatin. With that said, I'll start with my favourite piece - the floral printed bikers vest jacket!

The men's looks are paired with sandals by Nazifi Nasri.

Note 1: This is Part 1 of 4 for Day 1 at KL Fashion Week 2016.

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