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Let's wear floral this Chinese New Year 2018

I might not be Chinese, but growing up in multi-racial country like Malaysia, I have plenty of Chinese friends and neighbours. Especially since I spent most of my childhood in Ipoh during the 90s.

So yes, I grew up observing its tradition such as wearing red to usher in the Lunar New Year, even till this very day :)

But why just wear red, when you can wear floral! The floral trend (once again) is not going away this year.

Topman has released it's digital campaign for the festive collection and I'm loving every piece of it.

(The stone track jacket and joggers with side stripes look good too!)

Let's check it out:

I'd probably be going to Topman later today because the festive collection is already available in-stores before the sizes run out.

Fashion Fortune: Not forgetting, you will receive a RM200 voucher* when you spend a minimum of RM250 in-stores from 8 January till 18 February 2018.

* Applicable in-stores throughout Malaysia only. Voucher is redeemable on next transaction (till 28 Feb) with minimum spend of RM400. For more info: www.f3.com.my

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