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Good Design. Design Good: Hatta Dolmat Dedicates His Ready-to-Wear 2016 Collection to Cancer Awaren

It's out! You can now own the limited edition pieces from Hatta Dolmat's Ready-to-Wear (RTW) 2016 collection that has been receiving many good praises since KL Fashion Week last year. Today is his first day of sale for this RTW and I managed to steal a bit of his time over breakfast, to have a quick chat with Hatta Dolmat.

“After 10 years being active in this industry, it is actually my first time entering KL Fashion Week and producing a ready-to-wear collection (Hatta is known for his couture & bridal). I've carefully studied Malaysia's market & trend. I chose neoprene fabric because it's light, yet structured nature, combined with pastel colors like white, hydrangea blue, pistachio green, lavender and carnation pink. Mind you, these are not the colours that I'd wear - but I'm trying to give please the market."

When Hatta was finding inspiration in creating this collection, I recall he asked for my opinion regarding pastel colours. I, for one, love bold choice of colours - not pastels. So I told him that this light colours aren't really a 'safe' choice for men - but perhaps, if he can choose 'certain' colours that can reduce it's 'feminity', maybe it could work - as I share with him choice of pastels that I might probably wear.

Then, as he revealed his collection for the first time during the KL Fashion Week last year - it amazed me. His collection is created for men that's brave enough and wanting to wear something different. A complete 180 degrees from Hatta's previous trademark that uses monochrome, for his menswear.

Can pastels match all skin colours?

As seen in the international fashion arena, it's clear that pastels are among the chosen colour trend for 2016. But perhaps it suits men with either fair or dark skin tone. What about those in between, such as us, men with medium skin tone?

“True, not all are able to wear such 'soft' colours unless they are brave enough to try. Why not? We need more men to wear colours and brave enough to wear these bright colours. It's almost the same as what I am trying to express in my collection as I colloborate with the Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation for the purpose of cancer awareness. It's about strength and bravery," says Hatta.

Above Photo: I feel that the signature beetle design is truly unique. Even though it has floral motif, it is still balance, without losing its masculinity.

Hatta Dolmat dedicated his ready-to-wear 2016 to cancer awarness, in the loving memory of the late Prince of Johor (Almarhum Tunku Laksamana Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil Sultan Ibrahim).

I'm afraid there are not much I can reveal about how they get acquainted as I'd like to respect the passing of the beloved prince of Johor only early last month, after a year of battling cancer.

In a nutshell, Hatta's involvement in designing menswear and model search competition "Hatta Him" has gotten the prince attention. From there blooms the idea of colloboration between Hatta & Tunku Jalil to use this collection as one medium t help the cancer awareness campaign with Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation.

“At first, after discussion with the late Tunku Jalil, only a small portion of this collection was dedicated to the cancer awareness program. However, after his passing, I decided to channel a portion of the sales profit for all products in this collection to the Foundation," as Hatta expressses his intention to fulfill all the plans that they both have discussed previously.

Plan for an expansion in menswear department?

“My strength is still not in menswear, although I wish I have. But I'll challenge myself to start off this year with some office wear and evening wear for men".

Hatta is currently collaborating with Yuna for their new label Hatta/Yuna which will be revealed this year. So I asked, what about men?

“Well... maybe I 'might' be collaborating with a certain local band?" He laughed without telling me which boy/male band he is referring to, before excusing himself to return to his studio - as the sales hour for RTW2016 collection officially just begun.

Hatta Dolmat RTW2016 collection can be purchased at his studio starting this weekend with discount of up to 30% - till end of the month. For more details, visit his Instagram @hattadolmat_ and @hattadolmatofficial.

Text by Andre Amir. Exclusive campaign photos appeared first on Andres Style. Featuring Hatta Him All Stars Joharee Muhammad, Pipi Razi, Asyraf Ali, Fadhli Salleh, Arman Monsieur. Photo courtesy of Hatta Dolmat Design.

Campaign Photos

Photographer: Pitt Ab Rahaman. Styling: Andy Ziaf. Hair: Miedy Daniel. Make-up: Sahir Sabri & Alya Shafira. Coordination: Nawre Official. Models: Joharee Muhammad, Pipi Razi, Asyraf Ali, Fadhli Salleh, Arman Monsieur, Vanizha Nathan, Ain Edruce and Deeba Halil. Studio: Perfect Pictures.

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