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#EatDrinkHilton: Seasonal Ingredients Spark Culinary Inspirations at Hilton across South East Asia

From Lemongrass to Cinnamon: Seasonal Ingredients Spark Culinary Inspirations at Hilton across South East Asia.

Hilton has launched #EatDrinkHilton, a seasonal produce dining campaign across its 40 properties in South East Asia. As part of #EatDrinkHilton, a select seasonal produce is highlighted as the ingredient of the month, based on which Hilton’s chefs across its hotels in South East Asia would create locally inspired culinary innovations that showcase the creativity and rich culture of each market.

The campaign celebrates the use of sustainably sourced, seasonal local ingredients to connect with the deep cultural relevance of dining in the region, whilst satisfying the needs of an increasingly diverse culinary landscape. The monthly ingredients are part of an annual calendar of seasonal produce ingredients that coincide with regional and global seasons and festivals.

Hilton Kota Kinabalu #EatDrinkHilton Kuala Lumpur Culinary
Hilton Kota Kinabalu - Coconut, Sticky Dates and Tamarind Cake (Seasonal Produce for October)

“Food and beverage are a crucial part of Hilton’s operations in South East Asia and around the world, as we continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our guests and local community. Across every destination what makes us stand out amongst the industry, especially to locals residing in each city, is our remarkable food and beverage offerings and exceptional service,” says Paul Hutton, Vice President, Operations, South East Asia, Hilton.

“Through #EatDrinkHilton, we hope to further inspire creative excellence among our chefs in South East Asia and at the same time encourage our guests and customers to appreciate the rich culinary heritage in the region through our chefs’ creations which are inspired by traditional cooking methods and flavors,” Hutton added.

Since the campaign started its pilot earlier this year, some of the ingredients featured have included mint leaves, tea, chocolate, lemongrass and coconut milk. Unique creations which have emerged in the region are:

  • Green tea tiramisu at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro

  • Shrimp and young coconut cocktail served in a coconut by Hilton Colombo

  • Homemade mint ice cream by Hilton Bandung

Come November, the seasonal ingredient in focus will be ginger, a culinary ingredient widely used in food and beverage preparation across South East Asia. In line with the festive season in December, cinnamon will be the ingredient of the month to spice up the year-end festivities.

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong #EatDrinkHilton Kuala Lumpur Culinary
Hilton Garden Inn Puchong - Ginger Chicken (Seasonal Produce for November)

Hilton has also unveiled the list of ingredients for #EatDrinkHilton 2019, starting the year with nourishing ingredients such as nuts and sugar cane.

In addition to unique culinary creations, the seasonal produce ingredients are extended across various touchpoints along the guest journey experience with Hilton at these properties, from locally inspired welcome drinks, to turndown amenities and scented refresher towels for guests upon arrival.

In line with rapidly changing food trends, with today’s “foodies” becoming increasingly social media savvy, #EatDrinkHilton encourages Team Members, guests and diners to share their #EatDrinkHilton experience across social media channels, to inspire conversation and raise awareness of the campaign. From now till 30 November 2018, guests and diners who share their experiences stand a chance to win a 2-night stay at any participating hotel in South East Asia.

To find out more about the campaign, past creations by chefs, and upcoming ingredients of the month, follow #EatDrinkHilton on Instagram and Twitter today.

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