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Bvlgari Man Wood Essence is more fresh than woody

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Some guys like 'woody' fragrances. Some guys, like me, we prefer something 'citrusy'. But what if, I can have a little of both?

Comes in the new Bvlgari Man Wood Essence. 

Here's the thing: I've always love the original BLV Pour Homme. It's my all-time favourite. And I haven't liken another 'woody' fragrance till I met with this Bvlgari's latest edition. This fragrance was born for guys like me - wanting a little sexiness of masculinity, yet urbanely crisp and fresh .

Artfully blended, the Bvlgari Man Wood Essence Eau de Parfum is built like a tree: Its colorful top notes dance like leaves and branches in the wind, its earthy middle notes embody the strength of a tree trunk, and its robust bottom notes anchor the scent as well as any roots. Combined, the electrifying fragrance puts the boundless strength of nature at the Bvlgari man’s fingertips.

Let's break it down: 

Leaves and Branches: Vital Energy

Italian Citrus Zests and Essence of Coriander

The Eau de Parfum opens with a spark of citrus and spice, a profusion as bright as sunshine. The zests of Italian citrus whisk you to the wide-open vistas of the Mediterranean, where the landscape is invigorating and life is vibrant. Coriander adds an unexpected spike of fiery adventure.

Trunk: Inner Strength

Cypress Wood and Haitian Vetiver Essence

The liveliness gives way to robust, masculine woods. The cypress is an evergreen, a tree that flourishes year-round like the hard-charging city goer. Its deep, green aroma is intensified by the smoldering scent of vetiver, chosen from Haiti to be especially seductive and full-bodied.

Roots: Reconnection

Cedar Wood, Ambergris Accords, and Benzoin Siam

Like the hearth of a home, the fragrance’s foundation is thoroughly warm and inviting. It features another evergreen, the cedar. To intensify its smoky impact, Morillas combined two different techniques for the distillation and purification of its wood and heated it even further with sizzling resin and marine notes. The result: a final rush of invigorating vitality.


Bvlgari Man Wood Essence is the latest addition to the Bvlgari Man collection, a fragrance series inspired by man’s strong connection to the elements. The first scent in the collection, Bvlgari Man in Black, pays tribute to fire. Its neo-oriental accord features a fierce and fiery blend of spicy tobacco and leather. An intense Eau de Parfum, Bvlgari Man in Black celebrates indomitable strength and irresistible magnetism, hallmarks of masculinity.

Bvlgari Man Wood Essence introduces the second element in the series, wood. Unlike the all-consuming might of fire, wood possesses a different strength — one that is alive, rooted, persistent and steadfast. Channeling the fresh scent and energy of plant life, the scent is for the man who wants to strengthen his core character and to reinforce the balance in his life. It’s for every man who considers himself a #citizenofnature.


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