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#BadLabBillboards – Billboards Never Looked This Bad!

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

BAD LAB, the complete personal care range man-gineered for the unconventional man is pleased to present #BADLABBILLBOARDS located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

Starting at midnight all the way to 5 a.m. earlier this morning, four Malaysian graffiti artists dubbed the #BADLABGANGOF4, which include Cloakwork, Katun, Dmojo and Shade, performed LIVE graffiti paintings on four of BAD LAB billboards located on the MRT pillars in Jalan Damansara highway, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.

#badlabbillboards #badlabgangof4 Bad Lab Co Malaysia Cloakwork
Graffiti artist, Cloakwork, posing in front of his work for Bad Lab billboard in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur this morning.

#badlabbillboards #badlabgangof4 Bad Lab Co

Often associated with vandalism, the last 20 years has seen the rise of graffiti art into contemporary culture. From its subversive beginnings in the New York undergrounds and regarded as just some writings on the wall, graffiti as a form of visual art has now infiltrated the mainstream. Globally, stories of graffiti artists like Shepard Fairey and Banksy, amongst many others from this movement have made its way to the eyes and ears of many. Beyond art, it is a way for these artists to express their feelings and create awareness for important social and political issues. However, street art in most places, our country included, is still considered illegal and it’s for this same reason, graffiti has connected with the audience. Its rebellious nature gives the common man a sense of power and hope not many classical art forms can give.

#BadLabBillboards #BadLabGangOf4 Bad Lab Co Malaysia Katun
Gorilla by Katun for #BadLabBillboards

#badlabbillboards #badlabgangof4 Bad Lab Co Malaysia Dmojo
Cheetah by Dmojo for #BadLabBillboards

With #BADLABBILLBOARDS, the brand intends to push the envelope - upscaling graffiti by commissioning these creative and talented artists and giving them a sanctioned platform to do what they do best.

#badlabbillboards #badlabgangof4 Bad Lab Co

“This movement resonates strongly with BADLAB. From its packaging design, product concept, right down to actual products and consumer engagement, BADLAB is designed and positioned to establish a unique and exciting experience with men. BADLAB wants to get men back in touch with their “inner beast”, and discover an exciting, forgotten dimension of themselves," so says Lum Chong Heng, Commercial Director.

He added, “This is also to create awareness for the vibrant street art and creative culture currently happening in Malaysia. These four very talented Malaysian graffiti artists were handpicked not just because of their unique individual style; they have also done our country proud by representing us in international street art conventions and being invited to showcase their work outside the country. As witnessed this morning, their work literally stopped traffic and we cannot be happier with how it has turned out.”

During the live painting, audiences were treated to a pimped-up and interactive airstream - providing visitors a personal experience with the brand’s products, complete with music to keep spirits up. The #BADLABMOBILE, which doubles as a grooming station, was also earlier parked at #RIUHINTHECITY (RIUH), a monthly curated creative platform at APW in Bangsar.

Bad Lab Co Mobile at Riuh
The# BadLabMobile at Riuh in the City

Amongst the exciting activities organised at RIUH is an online social media contest in which four winners will stand a chance to win an exclusive one of a kind BAD LAB leather jacket each. Keeping to the 90’s theme at RIUH, the mechanics involved the audience posting their best themed #OOTD looks from the event on social media, tagging BAD LAB. The eventful weekend also witnessed special appearances from Altimet, Dennis Yin and Myo of Oh Chentaku.

“What I do with hip hop music and what I consistently try to achieve with music is to express my thoughts and feelings and sometimes challenge minds to view things differently. Not many brands have the guts to be this ballsy, so props to BAD LAB! But for real though, I am a loyal customer. Great products” said Altimet.

The #BADLABBILLBOARDS will be up for 6 months along Jalan Damansara, TTDI, heading towards Kuala Lumpur. It is a sight not to be missed.


For more information about the Malaysian graffiti artists dubbed the #BADLABGANGOF4, you can visit BAD LAB’s Facebook Page.


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