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Art In Perspective: Pedro Revamped The Classics for its Fall Winter 2016 Collection

You may have seen how I had carried a medium sized luggage full of Pedro's Spring Summer collection to the Men's Fashion Week in London & Milan just a couple months ago. Those footwears had given me the extra attention from the photographers (besides my clothing of course - lol).

And last week, I was invited to witness their latest collection. Pedro had impressed me once again, and I continue to be a big fan for the brand. The new collections for its Fall Winter 2016 revealed clean and classic designs that have been given the breath of modernness and sophistication. Well, at least that's how I see it. Hehe.

The sleek masculine pieces take centre stage in the men's collection, with noteworthy shades of olive and maroon encapsulating the understated elegance of fall winter. Reimagine dress shoes - hikers' eyelet hooks, elastic bands and contrast laces are juxtaposed against classic derbies, injecting a sense of personality with an air of refinement. Oh heck, I'm being poetic!

All I can say is that, this new season's collection is a must have. It's like, they are calling me to wear them but there are just too many to choose from - I'm confused. Trust me, I'd usually spent a minimum of 2 hours whenever I am in Pedro store - because I just love to try them all! So, let's get ready and visit them soon shall we?

P/s: Oh, and I love their bags too!

Pedro operates 91 stores in Malaysia, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Morocco, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam; soon in Indonesia and Vietnam.

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