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3 Best Tips to Enjoy Your Scented Candles Better

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

You love scented candles. It's a great home fragrance and a stress therapy.

A good scented candle don't come cheap, so you would want to enjoy it the right way and maximise all it's quality.

I love them too. But I hate it when I get so much of unburned wax. Or getting black smoke and burning smell when I re-light my candle. Ergh.

Recently I learned a few great tips but here are 3 best tips for you to enjoy your scented candles safely, for a long time, without altering it's quality.

TIP #1 Avoid Tunnelling

You would want to avoid "Tunnelling" because it causes waste of wax.

Candle How To Avoid Tunnelling Wasted Wax Diptyque


You would need to burn your candle at least 2-3 hours until an even (homogeneous) melting pool of wax appears, in order to avoid hollowing / tunnelling from happening. Once tunnelling happens, you can no longer burn the wasted wax.

TIP #2 No More Black Smoke

When you re-light your candle, you are re-burning your burnt wick. This causes black smoke and burning smell to happen. And the black smoke will stain around your candle glass - or anything else directly above it, like your ceiling, if it's close enough.

Candle How To Avoid Black Smoke Stain Diptyque


Trim your burned long wick before you light your candle. Ideally, use a wick trimmer to trim 3-5mm. Diptyque wick trimmer is able to trim it easily, even when the candle wax is almost finish.

Trim Your Candle Wick - How To Avoid Black Smoke Stain Diptyque Wick Trimmer

TIP #3 Don't Blow Out Your Candle, Just Snuff It!

Of course it's easier to blow out your candle. But by doing so, you will create smoke, burning smell, and other instances you can burn something.

Candle Snuffer Diptyque


Extinguish your candle using a snuffer to avoid that smoke. You can also use a candle lid - but I prefer a candle snuffer cause it's just classier. You can find the diptyque candle snuffer here.

All candles, wick trimmer, candle snuffer, candle stand seen in the video is from Diptyque. You can purchase them at Ken's Apothecary.

For other store location around the world, click here.


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